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This website is dedicated to all the junior zoology students. 'Biology of Animals' is not a commercial website. It is for the students of zoology to identify different animals. The images used in this site are from different websites. None of them is copyright protected image. The pictures in which this site's address have been stamped,are owned by this site and they should not be reproduced without a prior permission from the owner. All the other images, if you want to use, then please visit the source website before downloading. The intention of this site is only to distribute knowledge. Owners of those websites whose images I have taken in this site can contact me via email. I didn't take records of those websites' name while downloading images. If the owners contact me with their websites' name, then I will mention that site's name below the image as the source and to be viewed for further information. I believe in acknowledgement. To contact me via e-mail, go to the contact page. To help 'Biology of Animals' grow and to suggest anything, leave your comment in forum page. Thank you.